Title: Burning the Oracle Pool: A Necessary Step for the Terra Luna Classic Community

The Terra Luna Classic community has been actively participating in the dynamic and innovative world of cryptocurrencies, with the Oracle Pool (Current Value) holding a significant amount of LUNC at its core. Despite the current uses of this pool for staking rewards and network validation payments, there are compelling reasons to burn the Oracle pool. This paper will discuss why burning the Oracle pool is essential for the Terra Luna Classic community’s growth and the potential benefits it can bring to LUNC holders.

The community has shown tremendous support for the idea in the past with 67.6% of people wanting to burn the Oracle Pool.

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One of the primary reasons to burn the Oracle pool is to increase the value of the remaining LUNC in circulation. By reducing the total supply of LUNC, the scarcity of the cryptocurrency would increase, leading to a higher demand for it. This economic principle of supply and demand would result in an increased value for the remaining LUNC, benefiting all LUNC holders and making the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem more attractive to potential investors.

The Terra Luna Classic community has a history of supporting burns, as evidenced by the 0.2% tax on all transactions and the previous 1.2% tax. By burning the Oracle pool, the community would be reinforcing its commitment to maintaining a deflationary token model. This move would not only align with the community’s core values but also help to establish trust and credibility among existing and potential LUNC holders.
burn the oracle pool
Burning the Oracle pool would also encourage long-term investment in the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem. As the value of LUNC increases due to the reduced supply, investors would be more inclined to hold onto their LUNC, fostering stability and sustained growth within the community. Long-term investment would further strengthen the ecosystem and create a more robust foundation for future development.

While the Oracle pool currently funds network validators for securing the network, burning the pool does not necessarily mean compromising the network’s security. Alternative funding models could be explored to continue supporting validators, such as adjusting staking rewards or implementing additional transaction fees. By redistributing the responsibility of securing the network, the Terra Luna Classic community can maintain a secure ecosystem while still enjoying the benefits of burning the Oracle pool.

In conclusion, burning the Oracle pool is a necessary step for the Terra Luna Classic community to ensure the continued growth and success of its ecosystem. By increasing the value of LUNC, strengthening community support, encouraging long-term investment, and maintaining network security, the community can move forward with confidence and optimism. It is crucial that the Terra Luna Classic community comes together to make this critical decision for the betterment of its future.

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Do it! Burn the OP!

It’s the only way we’ll ever get back to $1!


Hahahha ok ok I gotta give it to you - you have proven your April Fool’s is better than Duncan’s cause I am surely not as masculine as Andrew Tate :nerd_face:


I dont believe this proposal goes far enough. If you can add burning of all CEX and DEX wallets then I believe we have a real chance at success.

Maybe we can burn all wallets with the Prefix ‘Terra’ that might be the real solution?

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No no click on the first link. Hahahhaha :rofl:

Though it’s one of my favourite 90’s songs.

Thanks @Asobs Things were getting serious here. You made my day :heart: More power to you and your channel which I am a big fan of.

I just hope that some of my future props will bring back the other influencers back to LUNC again. Let’s see how that goes. Will keep you posted on that.


I like that idea! We can burn so much LUNC


We need Oralce LUNC for LUNC stakers.
But Oralce USTC - we must burn, agree. This will greatly simplify the repeg.


Dont forget burning half of the coins in onchain wallets too

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Why hasn’t this been brought up sooner? Should be passed and implemented asap

Cause it’s an April Fool’s joke.

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Glad this was an April Fool’s joke. The sarcasm was funny!!!

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april fool’s nice sir

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