Unity the community and recover $4.16m non-Terra Asset funds

Unity the community and recover $4.16m non-Terra Asset funds.

In recent time, the community is faced with the biggest challenge of funding the blockchain development and decentralization. This has in most cases torn the community and this proposal will aspire to bring unit amongst the community and at the same time resolve the issues associated with funding and decentralization.

A. Reclaim possession of the Terra Classic Community Ethereum Crosschain Multisig Wallet, possessing about $4.16m of non-Terra assets.

B. Replace the current owner singers with 4 new nominees: Edward Kim (edk208), Tobias Andersen (Zaradar), Vegas (VegasMorph) and Alex Forshaw (4lex_4sh4w_TR) for the sole purpose of transferring the funds to the community pool and funding the community blockchain development. Once the funds are recovered,

(i) Transfer $480,000 (50% worth LUNC and 50% USTC at current price) to support Terra Rebel block chain development for the next 12 months at the rate of $40,000 per month.

(ii) Convert the balance funds in a ratio of 50% LUNC and 50% USTC and deposit in the community pool.

(iii) Contributors to the block chain development who are not part of Terra Rabel will be required to access funds by raising a proposal that will be voted for and passed through TerraGrant Foundation.

C. The signers will not be paid for this job and if any opts out, the community will replaces with Maximilian Bryan (maxb_TR), Marius Burkard (StrathCole), and Ian (PFC_Validator) or anyone else.

D. All right associated with the signer keys will be terminated immediately the funds are recovered.

As a note

  • This proposal is an extract from other proposals in order to bring the community together and forge ahead to the betterment of LUNC and USTC.
  • We will be glad to hear your constructive comments and modification of the above proposal if needed.

Throw money at our problems - sounds (not) great.

How about burn it all or put it in the community pool and let it out after a dev plan and a price tag to code has been approved?