Unpin Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

Unpin Do Kwon’s Post as it shouldn’t be the first thing everyone sees and take precedence over all the other reasonable proposals that have been made by the community.

It’s a bad look that Do Kwon’s post is allowed to be the top Proposal looked at when many of the proposal’s made are just as good or far better than what Do Kwon has proposed. It also gives many new people coming across the forum a false impression that his proposal is what is actually happening causing more issues with the current state of things.

Unpin Do Kwon’s Proposal and let things fall to where they belong organically instead of allowing a bias for his proposal to be at the top of the board, the most viewed and mislead many with the title as well since it doesn’t even say proposal it just says Plan which many new users might view as being what is going to take place.


His proposal involves fraudulent activity. Just posting that would likely constitute conspiracy to defraud $UST holders. Dude is in bigger trouble the more time goes on.

To me is the less solid plan proposed and taking away visibility from other better ideas

Aggree unpin it

Agree unpin it,

Yes, totally agree. That plan sucks

How about unpin Do Kwon from the whole project?..that’s really the 1st thing that needs to happen.


I agree. It shouldn’t be biased towards his “plan”. FatMan’s proposal has much broader support and was proposed by the community. @Dokwon’s plan does look like a scheme to defraud UST holders and avoid compensating people their debt which must now be allowed to happen.