Until this point everything seemed OK!

So people who bought during 8 to 12 may, validator came up with a plan to rekt us?

People who bought during 8 to 13 may should be considered in the final proposal.

At that time price was still high and volume was still at 400M to 10B.

Do kwon first proposal seemed to cover us then he kicked us out suddenly.

There should be three snapshots. We should not compete against people who bought during trillions supply.

To make it fair do three snapshots

1-Before the attack as do kwon proposed
2-people who bought before the last halt.
3-people who bought after halt resumed and everyone buying now.

So everyone would be equal in that sense.


Everyone who saved the sinking ship was thrown overboard and equated with those who bought many times cheaper, seeing that he remained afloat.
We just threw away our money and will never get it back.
It’s time to leave this project and go your own way, trying not to repeat such mistakes.

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