Use community funds to expand TFL team

This is a pretty simple post: I want to propose using part of the community fund to (massively) expand the TFL team.

Terra’s claim to success is a functional product with real world use cases and adoption. At the moment, especially after today’s price action across the board, TFL should capitalize on this strength by hiring more, especially developers, to support what feels in places like frail infrastructure.

As an example of this, at an extremely high level, nearly every meaningful commit from the last two years on the core terraform project is from a single developer (see and YunSuk-Yeo (yys) · GitHub), the same dev who is responsible for every meaningful commit to i.e. GitHub - Anchor-Protocol/money-market-contracts over the last 5 months.

Another small example is that Do has been requested to release vesting schedules to the community, but has stated many times that he needs free time which he doesn’t have due to the incoming releases of mirror, pylon, ozone, etc. In my opinion he should not be the bottleneck for literally everything, there should be more support in place and we have an insane amount of money in the community fund to hire people to help with this.

A third is that in general we have started to notice scaling issues: whether in the anchor launch DDOS or the overloading of public nodes during today’s crash, preventing users from collateralizing their loans. We can hire more developers to help this, run more nodes, build more sustainable infrastructure, etc.

I know that good developers are hard to come by but if you throw enough money at an engineer, there are no doubt thousands who are self-motivated and creative and who would drop their jobs for the right price (myself included).

TLDR; throw money at developers and others to come work at TFL and help build and scale what is one of the most incredible projects in the blockchain space.

We have so much money in the community fund and IMO hiring talent is MASSIVELY more important task than i.e. funding an Ozone pool (a protocol which would inspire more faith without a bootstrap, but that’s a different topic).

Please TFL/community give me feedback on this, let me know if this is already happening and the team is expanding. Feels like TFL is so unbelievably opaque for an organization that aims to transition to a DAO. I have no idea what’s going on at any given time.


We don’t need money. Thanks for the sentiment!


Do kwon don’t need money he stole enough money from all of since he started taking credit fir my doings. The rest it’s coming up very soon .

Engjell Valteri
The true architect behind this change and opportunity for all and creator of @Alice_finance and Alice-dfi protocol and many many many more .

Can we please get some resources in Terra Discord to help answer questions


Yep, im on it. Past few days have been a bit tough to keep up with.