Use of burn and solidarity tax mechanisms to safe the ecosystem

hi people of earth… ehh terra…
since ust wont repeg again without a collateral

  1. UST has to be collaterized in full and put into buyback burn mechanism for saving $luna,

  2. implement a transaction burn mechanism of 3% reducing the supply in daily basis recovering the price.

  3. implement a 3% solidarity tax on each transaction which will repay the losses of holders that are on the pre crash snapshot… it might take years to repay them but they will be repaid eventually…

  4. create a new version of USTv2 without the flaws of the first one. Buidl the walls stronger than they every were. implement a 1% solidarity tax on every UST transaction to help the people damaged by this incident.

everybody regardless of who he is and when he joined the community can have hope again and rebuild this unique ecosystem. And with the solidarity tax we wont ever forget where we came from and what mistakes led us to this.

This is a proposal so fullfill the needs of everybody on the most simple possible pragmatic way.
this could even strengthen the bonds of everybody participating.

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in cex?

I love the offer, burn 10% on every transfer! like “shib”

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the solidarity tax wont be limited to dex and on chain users… it should be possible for @dokwon.terra to get the protocols of every major exchange to put the owners on the same solidarity list for the repayment…

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For #3 just make it so that it’s a fund to redeem UST at $1. Fund empty = no redemptions. Lock the fund until everyone can redeem current UST.

The goal is equitability and transparency. If people believe the chain will pay back, the fund will grow. And UST will actually re-peg (slowly).

We can also restrict UST redemption minting LUNA to only when market cap of LUNA > number of UST and limit the rate to a small percentage of market cap. Then UST will re-peg if price of LUNA is 6x current price. All we need to do is crowdfund by buying LUNA. Everyone will win.