Use Portion of Burns to Fund Pool & Secure $1B $BTC for new “$1 coin” RATHER than MINT 500B $LUNC


This proposal would intend on:

• Securing “Community Decided %” via Tax Burns to community public pool until $1b is accumulated to purchase $1b $BTC to secure the peg to stabilize - $USTC RATHER than MINTING 500b $LUNC tokens.


Minting 500 billion tokens would destroy all of our hard work up to this point of creating this message. The world but there is liquidity in our burns and we could use a portion of that to contribute to a community pool which could secure enough bitcoin to stabilize a new stable coin or the old $USTC and repair the blockchain.


This proposal Is Clearly Stating it’s intentions of the following:

• Securing Community Agreed Upon % from Tax Burns via All Participants to Community Public Pool to Purchase $1b $BTC (Bitcoin) with intentions of backing and stabilizing/repegging $USTC without minting 500b $LUNC tokens.

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