Use remaining fund to fix ecosystem rather than making everyone or a part of people whole

Firstly please dont think I’m heartless or ignorant; I also lost like others and gained like others from the beginning. The first rule of investing is never invest more than you can afford to lose; investing is a little bit like gambling. What doesn’t kill you should and will make you stronger!

I would propose to not make anybody, anybody at all, whole or part-whole again. That just won’t work and nowhere in investing companies make you whole if the stocks dip and you sell. Instead, the remaining funds should/need to be used to patch the backdoor/bug and invest in security mechanisms, so this never happens again; allocate funds to a pen/test team to try different attacks, and if they find a hole, fix it.
There’s a clear need for leadership change; we haven’t had any decent communication other than a few tweets; even as the crisis unfolded a lot of people came up with different ideas some very valid bbut nobody listened so we should vote for a new structure there are quite a few good restructuring propositions here. I’m not saying to kick current leadership put but to work alongside them for a better future.
The brand is amazing and has lots of supporters, it will take a good few months, but it is possible to come back and go even higher.