Ust agresive repeg

İ think contact binance and 100million usd loan ,
Fiirst 50million usd transfer ftx and make long x5 or x10 (0.034ust)
,other 50 million usd buy ust 1.5billion now time and burn it with lfg ust reserve 1.8 Billion after sell fiat x1500-2500 up 0.3-0.4 sell price and give back loan

İf peg 1$ closed ust project focus lunC

I really don’t understand. Why would Binance give a loan? Why would FTX accept an 50 million dollar leveraged position? Really, I don’t understand.

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Ftx using only margin trade and cashout

What you propose is market manipulation and insider trading. I doubt that FTX would cash you out in such a scenario. Other than that, it’s morally unacceptable…

İf lfg reserve burning lose circiulation supply %18 and ftx not giving ust holder cashout? How