UST Goes Interchain: Evmos Edition

Disclaimer – I am a member of the TFL team.

As with prior interchain strategies, this proposal has the same objective: increase UST liquidity and utility across developing ecosystems. But this time is different. The Terra community has an opportunity to welcome a new IBC fren: Evmos.

Evmos is the EVM compatible hub of Cosmos, EVM-on-Cosmos, hence “Ev-mos.” It is an application-agnostic chain that will be interoperable with Ethereum mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC. Evmos will by nature connect the Ethereum and Cosmos communities.

IBC :handshake: EVM

As such, the Terra community ought to build long-term partnerships with applications across the ecosystem to ensure UST has deep liquidity and widespread adoption. Given the uncertainty in the early stages of a blockchain and its apps, the Terra community should seek to work with many protocols in a way that aligns long term interests and limits community spend exposure.

The Terra community should provide incentives to each of the following protocols, who plan to launch shortly after the Evmos mainnet launch. The incentives will last 2 months, with a condition whereby each protocol can earn more rewards as they drive more UST TVL to their respective projects. For example, a project will be granted a base amount in incentives to drive liquidity to their pools. If they reach a certain threshold in UST TVL, the community will grant them additional rewards to continue growing liquidity. If TVL tiers are not met, the rewards will be returned to the community pool.

Below is a list of each protocol and their respective incentives and liquidity.

Diffusion Finance is a Uniswap v2 fork AMM.
$250,000 of UST incentives

Exswap is a Uniswap v2 fork AMM. Soon after launch, they aim to ship a stableswap, lending, a liquidity balancer, and a launchpad.
$250,000 of UST incentives

Saddle Finance is a cross-chain stableswap protocol.
$160,000 of UST incentives

Kinesis is a native stableswap protocol. They use a multi-base pool model to support multiple bridges while using UST as the core routing gateway connecting all assets from each bridge.
$160,000 of UST incentives

Midas Capital is bringing Rari Capital’s Fuse pools to EVM compatible blockchains.
$160,000 of UST incentives, $2.5m in liquidity

Coslend is a money market lending protocol.
$160,000 of UST incentives, $2.5m in liquidity

Cronus Finance is a Uniswap v2 fork AMM.
$160,000 of UST incentives

In summary:
Incentives: $3m UST
– Disbursed upon approval: $1.3m UST
– Conditional based on TVL performance: $1.7m UST
Liquidity: $5m UST
Total funds: $8m UST


Hey everyone! I’m 0xfuzzylogic, one of the founders of Kinesis Labs. I’d love to give a quick intro to Kinesis as well as answer any questions members of the Terra Community!

Here’s a quick intro to our protocol:

Kinesis will be the natively deployed stableswap on Evmos, helping to expose the EVM community to UST and the Cosmos ecosystem.

Kinesis uses a multi-base pool model to support multiple bridges while using UST as a core element of our stableswap. Each base pool is connected to UST, meaning all inter-bridge and inter-network swaps will go through UST, providing massive adoption for UST on Evmos and millions in UST trading volume.

Kinesis labs is built by founders who have previously worked at quant trading firms and as researchers/engineers on $100m+ Defi projects. They are committed to the Evmos/Cosmos ecosystem and have a robust roadmap to innovate on the stableswap after launch. After this, they have robust plans to roll out exciting new features to allow for more efficient swapping and provide additional utility to their LPs.

Kinesis has an exciting roadmap and multiple partnerships with various DEXs, bridges, and lending platforms. The first step will be implementing a ve-Tokenomics system that allows users to earn boosted rewards and direct emissions. There are already multiple Convex forks/yield aggregators building on top of Kinesis—in a few months we’ll see a Kinesis Wars on Evmos.

To learn more about Kinesis, check out any of the following links!

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram


So glad to see this one is alive! Lgtm!

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It is a great idea to support projects built on a young, but promising chain which Evmos certainly is. This is a right start for a lasting partnership. I like that the proposal includes seven prominent protocols on Evmos, not just supporting one of them. Seems a win-win for both chains!
P2P Validator will vote YES here and will be glad to discuss and support any connected or similar initiatives from Evmos side.

Hi Terra Fam.
I came to notice about terra community supporting EVMOS.

Let me introduce you Photonswap.Finance.

Photonswap is multi-chain AMM based on Uniswap V2.
We are already live on Cronos mainnet. and many other testnets.
EVMOS is our second home after cronos.

We fair launched $PHOTON and Locked our liquidity for 2 years.

It will be really be helpful for the project to support multiple evm chains if given support.

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Hello everyone! I’m Evan from SpaceFi. I’d love to give a brief intro of SpaceFi and apply to be on the proposal as well!

Here’s a brief intro of our platform:

SpaceFi is a cross-chain web3 platform with DEX, NFT, Starter and Spacebase on Evmos. We’re launching mainnet shortly after Evmos mainnet relaunch. SpaceFi is not only an AMM, but with an NFT ecosystem where users burn tokens to mint NFTs. Hence, the boost to TVL and UST will be significant.

SpaceFi has a strong, open web3 community, which is very enthusiastic about Evmos/Cosmos and IBC ecosystem. Plus, SpaceFi Starter will launch and incubate blue chip projects.

SpaceFi has a community-driven tokenomics with growth, which shares a similiar goal with Terra. We’re having multiple partnerships with bridges, DEXs and NFT projects across the board and we’re looking to forge further partnerships with other protocols on Evmos/Cosmos.

Visit any of the links below to find out more about SpaceFi
Website | Twitter | Discord


Greetings and Salutations!

I am FullMetal - Chancellor of the DeStar Council, Commander of the DeStar Troopers, Leader of the Gyrens, Protector of the Hodlers, Defender of Degens, Ally of the Ape Kingdom, The Unrekt. Starter of Chains.

I come on behalf of the DeStar Colony, somewhere in the deep corners of EVMOS, looking to forge an alliance with the Terra community.

DeStar is building an empire in EVMOS. Join us, and together, we shall bring glory to the whole Cosmos!

(oh and can we join this liquidity incentive thing? You know, protector of the hodlers and all? We’ll reserve an exclusive UST location on our map, supporting UST pairs and UST bonds.)

Ad Lunam!

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | DeFi Roadmap | GameFi Roadmap


cant wait for launch!