UST: How many x (10x, 50x) new Luna should go

… to make you as a pre-attack aUST holder whole?

Assuming current price $5 and full vesting in Nov 24. You may also include promised 20% APY, if you wish ;))

This will show how the current airdrop makes pre-attack aUST holders (potentially) whole.

It is pretty clear that UST holders will go after Do Kwon et al, also new Luna. This survey will show if / what additional steps are needed short-term.

In my case (with 20% APY included and assuming 7% staking return) Luna should 16x ;))

Do you think most of the people give a crap about v2Luna after how DoKlwon made them vitcims after encouraging them to buy with manipulative tweets. Good you feel whole, but most dont!

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