UST reimbursement

Haven’t heard any recent news regarding the reimbursement promised to small UST(c) holders

…last that I’m aware, information was being collected from the various exchanges…I assume that part should completed by now as they’ve already coordinated an airdrop of LUNA with them

Status update please


i have buy the major part of my 700k UST on KuCoin someone is going to start a lawsuite against exchangers and Terra too ?


2.0 LUNA has been distributed to almost all USTC holders… though it sounds like a few were missed. If you do already have the new LUNA in your wallet, that’s all your getting - but remember they only paid 30% initially and the other 70% is vested over the next two years.

If you plan to hold that new 30%, you should go stake it to make some interest too!

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My exchange supported the airdrop, but even with the additional 70% still to come over the next 2 years, I will be quite a ways from becoming whole as I had purchased UST for 1$/ and held through de-peg.

Strangely ppl I know bought Luna for fractions of a penny and are now already in profit!.

I was just sitting on a stablecoin in exchange to preserve my portfolio value and ended up losing basically everything.

What you’re suggesting is that the reimbursement was actually a lie, and that my only hope involves waiting 2+ years and praying that Luna reaches a market cap of roughly 65B…not sure what staking is paying, but I don’t want to have anything to do with this stuff… Currently finding myself in an abduction of sorts, meanwhile they do still have some reserves and are not instilling confidence in their leadership by breaking their word once again

Very unsettling and no doubt there are many others that feel the same way.


I only received the LUNA not the UST. I had many UST but no air drop for it.

What did you think was going to happen: do you have a link? The proposal that passed voting outlined how the 2.0 LUNA coins were going to be distributed: but nobody was going to be made whole. Certainly no UST holders were promised their dollar back: the project doesn’t have the $10 billion USD + that would be required.

UST blew up, and UST/aUST holders were wiped out (or they can still sell USTC for about $0.03?). But Terra decided to give out some of the rebooted LUNA coins by airdrop anyways to jumpstart 2.0.

On Twitter Do stated that the remaining reserves would be used to square up with small UST holders, but I believe he also stated it here, thinking it was in his proposal for new Luna.

*I also believe that on that Tuesday when he finally tweeted and told ppl to hold tight, that he had enough information at hand to know that things would end up spiraling out of control, but instead of shutting things down, chose to proceed minting Luna into oblivion and squandering more of the reserve assets.


never mind. I just saw this. Had luna post attack - no airdrop? - #163 by rosanne89

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Except that you’re supposed to be able to see your vesting account, but I can’t. Can you? What do we do if they give us the 30% but keep the 70%?

You can view vesting coins in .

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LFG said it too


There will be many court battles. Are you not aware of how many court battles are coming @ProofOfWork?


There are certainly a lot of people talking big: many legal threats. Another typical day on the Internet. Are you not aware the vast majority of people that threaten to involve lawyers… don’t do anything @flumius ?

Hello. I have a UST tokens in an ACCOUNT IN coinbase. I dont see any airdrops happen to my account. Please help.

I actually think they not only threaten - a lot of savings lost, I do not think this will just disappear.


Coinbase doesn’t have native UST so didn’t get the airdrop.

What nonsense is that? Why did you allow ust coins to be listed on coinbase Exhange then ? Btw we tried contacting you on telegram and you blocked us. Are you expecting us to come with a letter from our attorney to make you talk? It was easy taking money on your unstable UST. Now When it comes to compensation you turn your back. This will not end here with a simple statement like yours saying coinbase UST is not the same as other exchanges. There is no proper detail. There are scams all over. Now this nonsense. This is utter BS. I Need a proper workaround before i proceed legally in this matter or fix the dammn think and peg it back to its value. Also why restrict posts for every 30 minutes. Afraid of too many questions being asked here? Btw. What is your association with Terra network as your profile says admin?

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I am just a volunteer, I don’t work for TFL.

You can see from the Medium article which exchanges announced support for the airdrop.

**I pity your situation supporting such a corrupt org.that still didnt explain why you would block us on telgram when you are JUST a so called volunteer. Im the above message, Nowhere does it say what CB or other non supported exchanges customers should be doing with their unworthy terra coins. Just listing these exchanges in a forum? What does that mean? Do we just open an account on all these exchanges and they approve our accounts instantly for transactions? Thats not how things work. There is a procedure. There has to be instructions what CB customers had to do to be included in the compensation. Not blindly throwing out some nonsense saying “its all over”
I guess the first thing is some crypto news reporters need some attention here. Or rather you are insisting that we approach through a legal attorney. I would ask all US based CB cistomers to contact me or your local senator to start with to get some attention on this SCAM **

Well, I can see why I apparently blocked you on telegram.

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