USTC is more than LUNC

Both are equally important, considering both the coins had claimed a fair number of casualties. It will selfish to claim which is priority over the other.

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except the fact that ust was meant to be ‘stable’
do you agree that ust depeg caused luna hyperinflation and not viceversa? @Passerby

One sinks and the other goes down with it. Hard fact.

ust sinked and then luna went down with it. Hard fact. @Passerby

Yes, “UST 2.0” will be sounds like joke, nobody will use that.

useless comment @NN78

Check my idea - set maximum amount of token $ustc and also add burning mechanism. It can go more than 1$ because there is not much coins, only what we have to do to change tokenomy and do from this coin something like deflatory token.

$ustc coins vs. Lunc with around x100000 more

With burning mechanism it can be game changer


sounds cool but can’t work with the mint / burn mechanism. When you swap luna for ust, you burn 1 $ worth of luna and mint 1 ust (not 1 $ worth of ust), and if ust has a max supply you can’t mint anymore once reached it.

hypotetically a deflationary ust makes it not spendible = no use cases except holding = bad cash flow and low ecosystem’s revenues, which is the opposite of what we want

I saw the passed proposal about burning the ust comunity pool, could it be enough for you? @Max_Seagram

Just confused of lunc