USTC is Terra's Face!

Making it a stablecoin again is an imperative.


Totally agree with this proposal. This will indeed make UST believers and holders “whole” again but suggestion here is instead of using algorithmic UST, why not change it to at least partial collateralized and this would also bring up the value of the 1 billion plus USTC LFG is holding. Win-Win


I have $1000 in UST on anchor in the avalanche chain… am I able to do anything with this?
Because My UST was on the Avalanche blockchain I don’t believe I am eligible for the TERRA 2.0 airdrop?
Really not sure what to do with my investment here.
Anyone in the same boat as me right now?!



Needs to be done during a market sell off to avoid traders jumping in for the ride.

That said, it also needs be done quick smart (one big OTC order). This way everyone will be caught off-guard

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