USTC repeg with increase assets and reduce supply by Zero risk high profit

This proposal will increase the assets in Terra Chain to be ready back up the USTC. price when repeg starting in the next coming soon. My idea will help 3 party: investor/Cex.(Binance)/Terra Chain earn profit without any loss and attract more investment from new investors. This idea I call it “Zero Risk High Profit” (ZRHP.)
If my proposal passed it will help to reduce Lunc in the circurating supply around 150-300Billion/month and increase the value of the asset by the same as supply reducing.(150-300Billion)x(Lunc. market price)

The chart above explain the rough concept how repeg the USTC with Lunc. But my key points is increase the funding and reduce supply by ZRHP.

What is the ZRHP process work/ how the 3 parties get benefit and who must to support this concept to be real.

Slowly read and understand above chart. It explain the loop flow and how 3 parties earn benefit.(Win-Win-Win)
1.Investors buy Lunc and store to his wallet in BN.
2.Investor inlet to ZRHP spent 0.2%(0.1% sent to burn, 0.1% sent to Terra Chain Asset) ZRHP useful to get a chance to earn profit 2 ways without risk to loss and the investors who not join no need to spent.
3. When ZRHP begin: BN. move Lunc to sub-wallet in BN. and convert to BTC, in the same time BN. reserve the same amount of Lunc for back up. So, investors have 2 withdrawal options.
3.1 When BTC. price increase: Example: Investor join ZRHP. amount 0.2BTC after convert Lunc at BTC. price is around 29,000 USD. when the BTC. price increase higher than 29,000 USD. they can choose withdraw in the BTC. and earn the profit from price difference.(0.2BTC x (price difference)) and BN. will pull Lunc back.
3.2 When BTC. price decrease: They can choose withdraw in the Lunc. It’s mean Investors deposit in Lunc and withdraw in Lunc. and BN. pull BTC. back.
3.3 When Lunc price increase than BTC. They choose withdraw the Lunc.
3.4 When Lunc and BTC. price decrease, they need to hold it all.
As I mention above, BN. is the key person who will support this proposal to be real.
Why Binance need to support us?
BN. always great partner with Lucn communities and they spent 50% fee their own to burn Lunc every month. ZRHP will be the tool for burning the Lunc instead, In additional BN. will earn more 0.1% fee when Lunc. swap to BTC in ZRHP. project.

Go into detail on how this proposal will help tackle or resolve the issue.
Lay out the action items in clear terms with defined time lines
Target burn 3.5T and earn asset 3.5T in 1 year.
Calculate from Market Cap 659.1M with currently Lunc’s price(0.00011USD)
If investors join ZRHP around 50% of market cap, The Lunc will burn 3.5T/year.

I will leave this proposal 3 days for discussion before upload to Terra Governance.
If this proposal pass, I will back to present the detail of Re-peg and Fluctuation Control System.


Zero risk high profit almost sounds to good to be true

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Your idea goes against the immutability of crypto wallets.
You literally suggest to freeze all USTC assets on-chain.
Most of the USTC is off-chain.

And freezing anyones assets is a big no-no here. Like…how much of a scam do you want this repeg of yours to be?
No demand for USTC, only quick exit through LUNC.


Thanks for your comment.
Actually, this post i want to share the way how to increase the asset and reduce lunc supply. The number freeze ustc is vary the number of asset.
Actually, my safety factor asset should be at least 3 times of ustc. token. The detail i can give it more.
But, don’t forget write your comment with concept of Zero rish high ptofit.

The zero risk is a fantasy.
You literally suggest to freeze USTC.

Thus killing off the token. It’s a 100% guaranteed end of life for USTC and Terra Classic chain.

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Thanks for your comment.
I will reconsider again the freeze ustc concept.
Tell you again, my priority is increase the asset and reduce supply as show the subject. When we have enough of asset to back up USTC. Then, we can apply this proposal to other repeg model.

Thanks again for your comment.

How this can coexist with Redline’s prop?!?

No.3.4, When RedLine pop both of Lunc and BTC. We need to hold it all.

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You have a raw idea for a proposal; #11487 is more promising. Thank you for attention.

Hello, Friend. Open your eyes and your brain.
Actually, the Cex is running business and they earn fee from our trading. It is reasonable to invest and support investors. The algorithms systemetric is a good idea and i have no problems with it. But, investors still absorb the cost.