Ustc should be 1 dollar again

Hello everyone.

It is imperative for the future of blochain technology and the Terra Luna Ecosystem that USTC comes to $ 1 stable again. because if a coin that should be stable and has been released in this way cannot maintain its stability, it really carries a great risk for the future and for new investors. you can be sure that I will be behind LUNC USTC and luna until the end. I don’t know if this suggestion has been given before, but if it has been given, I will make sure that it is brought back to the agenda. In order for the LUNC burning mechanism to be reactivated, it is imperative that USTC is tied to $ 1 and this reputation must be recovered again. 1 0 deletion from USTC’s supply of 9.799.653 and 1 0 deletion in the amounts in the ustc wallets in return will not move USTC to $ 1 more easily?