Variable burning based on volume + periodic manual burns

Implement a variable burning rate based on trading volume starting at a nominal 10%. Supplement this with periodic manual burns by Terra foundation as reserve funds again start to grow.

This will help address issues with a fixed burn and lower trading volumes by providing a dynamic burn mechanism with periodic manual burns to stimulate price appreciation and supply depreciation.

Use 10% as a baseline burn and then algorithmic adjust burn % as needed based on volume. If volume drops significantly start to drop burn rate to increase transactions again. Once burn rate has dropped and volume starts to increase significantly retrace back to 10% burn rate or higher. Faster burns will drive price higher and decrease volumes again, then the burn rate can be lowered again. Influx of capital to Terra foundation can then be used for periodic manual burns on an as needed schedule, weekly, weekly or monthly to accelerate burning.


Reserved while I think about it.

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