VCs/Whales Double Dip With Terra 2

Something i saw on Twitter and a good point i hadn’t thought about is big VCs and holders who bragged about getting out on the way down before the bottom are now going to get coins again? I cant remember which firm was highlighting they sold out at an average price of $25, safe to say they are going to get a lot of coins in Terra 2 plus they got a lot of money out before the hyperinflation really kicked in. I dont know what the right solution is, (maybe moving the snapshot a day or two?), but i think its something that needs to be addressed.

I wanted to link the tweet but it just hit me after a couple of hours and i couldn’t find it again.

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and they’ll accumulate $UST since it gives the largest allocation of TERRA2 tokens (20%)

theres also a supply thats 600,000% smaller than $LUNA

I’ve been advocating buying up $UST now before VCs + whales come for them

That really sucks. The one thing this shouldnt be doing is rewarding massive positions that got out. I get we can’t remove every single wallet that sold, but would be nice for some solution or this really isnt a “community owned” project when the parties that helped accelerate the wreckage are given the keys again.

I mean, they’re attempting to not reward those that caused the bank run and dumped during the de-peg no?