Was Terra design completely flawed?

I think many of us bought into the concept and the structure here. I’m not as tech savvy as most here, but it made sense to me. Was I wrong? I thought it worked well from the start.

So fix what didn’t work, Burn and restore LUNA and UST. It will take some time, but if it worked 99% of the time, then fix the 1%, don’t destroy the 99%!

Just LEAD and let’s rebuild! This is the safest and quickest path to recovery!

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Kusurluydu… Busd da kusurlu.

Exploiters just need 1 exploit doesn’t matter if 99% is working. As soon as $LUNA market cap fell below $UST marketcap all hope to re-peg was gone. Minting $LUNA post that was no longer meant to achieve peg but to dilute $LUNA holders.

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Addiction is the inability to stop consuming a chemical or pursuing an activity despite causing harm.

Very much the same happens to people who trade. Can we define trading addiction as a crossing a line between being passionate about investing and losing the ability to stop trading.

The problem focuses on the brain and understanding how its reward systems can train you to trade compulsively and dangerously.”

Here are some signs of addiction

  • You spend far too much of your free time trading.
  • You are trading stocks at work (and it isn’t your job)
  • The “high” of trying to find the next “moonshot” is the focus of attention.
  • You have feelings for frustration, aggression or attempt to suppress other personal problems.
  • Losing money on a position makes you depressed.
  • You can’t stop trading.
  • Continually looking at your phone to check the latest value.
  • You lie to others about what you are doing on your phone.
  • The bulk of your investing advice comes from social media “experts.”
  • You borrowed money on a credit card, home equity line, or a personal loan to invest.
  • Your emotional state is directly tied to the outcome of the stock market.
  • There is a lack of self-control or ability to stay away from your trading app.

Are you addicted just like me?

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