We have an Opportunity for a Short Squeeze

At the current trading prices on exchanges around $0.00001 it is obvious that there has been rampant naked short selling and even with 6.19T minted I don’t think it is possible for most of these short sellers to cover if prices take a sudden jump. The price cannot go down forever, and this is a coin, not a company so it cannot go bankrupt. If we buy now, we can soak up billions of coins for fractions of a penny. If we withdraw those coins to private wallets like ledger or anywhere other than an exchange there will be no coins for the exchanges to loan or cover with, and we could have one of the greatest short squeezes of all time. If Terra starts buying back and burning then it will accelerate. Short sellers think this is like a stock that they can kill, it’s not. We just need to have a stronger will and we can stick it to the investment bankers. They have over played their hand.

Thank you for your consideration.