What does the future hold?

$LUNA 2 is here. Now that we are $LUNC, what are we doing for the future? To build utility and use cases. We need to burn these excess coins. To a degree, I resent the name “Luna Classic”. I know it’s not a big deal, but looking at Ethereum Classic, Tron Classic, etc… we get to just be the “old Blockchain” that rusty way no one uses. We need to rebrand ourselves. How do we create a coin to enrich everyday lives? Something people can use to buy? dApps for the every person? I’m just brainstorming out loud…


LUNC/USTC aren’t offline yet: there’s enough exchange support to still swap them into USDT or something portable. If you want use-cases and dApps the default choice is ETH, but if you’re willing to take on a bit more risk Chia is also a popular choice: both those coins are cheap these days.

If you’re not sure about LUNA anymore, there are lots of other projects out there that may offer what you want. Good luck!


These coins remained only with speculators and scammers. Forget nothing will change, just a cool meme coin like a shiba