What if we all buy 100 USD worth of LUNA and send it to a burned address

Let’s call it LUNA Recovery Fund. This needs to be a wallet controlled by a SC which the funds can only be burned and not withdrawn. I think the community would help in restoring the total supply back to what it was. What do you think? Who’s with me?

I’ll throw my 100 USD worth of LUNA into this SC if anyone is willing to code it up. This is how we bring LUNA back on its knees!!


I don’t see another way as Do Kwon has spent all of the BTC reserves incorrectly trying to restore UST peg.


i don’t think many of the affected have 100USD to throw into the fire … but definitely some sort of incentive to burn needs to be done ASAP … for example burn 100/1000 $LUNA for 1 “brownie point” … then once we are back on our knees we can think about how to compensate the “brownie points” … only way I see

aside from obviously the burn tax that has already been mentioned time and time again on this forum

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could already be using that to buy back $LUNA for burn (?) directly from exchanges at dirt cheap

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Doesn’t look like it from Do Kwon’s post:

Why would be blow another $100 when will won’t see anything in return ever ?

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Yeah, praying for that scenario myself. If it was me causing this nightmare and feeling the pressure of lawsuits and prison, I’d buy as much on the sly (can’t let others know or the price climbs) and magnanimously tweet out that I’m burning trillions of tokens to make everyone well again and so I’d be worshiped like a god. Don’t discount the ego on these folks.
Hell, Elon could do it just for the street cred. Good luck, HoMan.