What is the future of LUNA?

Who knows what the future is hiding for us !?

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+5000% om binance now. Let the market work. Devs buy and burn extra suply.


very simple…let LUNA become the original price by limit the supply and decrease the number of tokens

  1. Completely remove Do Kwon from any involvement with the new LUNA, UST, TERRA.

  2. Decide on changes to the protocol, blockchain, coins, DAO, etc.

  3. Upgrade protocol. Create Luna V2 & UST V2.

  4. Then everybody needs to swap to use the new coin.

  5. Reward EVERYBODY whom participated in the helping the community; validators, nodes, community contributors, holders before peg, AND ESPECIALLY the holders AFTER the peg whom offered up liquidity and were burned.

These are all fairly easy fixes.

  1. No one other than Do Kwon know how to deal with exchange’s CEOs, and now it’s important than ever.

  2. If you want to remain listed elsewhere, you have to maintain compatibility, so big updates CANNOT be performed, right now. Nor to LUNA & UST too.

  3. New protocol and coin will not be accepted by exchanges, they costs work and money, and the trust of the people you don’t regain by minting new tokens with another name or similar, you lose it. They think of a scam. Think about what people thinking not your own think.

  4. New coin requires exchanges to be supporting it, if they want… i think not before months or almost a 1-2 year - you cannot restart from zero and pretend to be alive, not in 2022. Things in crypto world moving so fast than ever.

  5. You are writing just to asking some token for free? Holders before 12 May 2022 are already be rewarded by an increment of APY, of course if they had a staking already active… because it’s for who is a real holders not for who have just on exchange or transferred today to its own wallet.

Money (FIAT) cannot be created by nowhere.

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I see your point, and while we could probably argue back in forth on these points, there is on issue with your thesis.

Do Kwon could be arrested for some of the things that he said and did during the sell off. It is possible. Also, Do Kwon could just disappear quietly from the community and go into hiding…This is also possible.

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We are writing serious here, please don’t fud, don’t joke, don’t scam.
It is unuseful.

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Creio que o que ocorreu foi algo planejado e não foi com motivo financeiro e sim para atacar todo o Mercado Cripto.

Lamentavel para os detentores do Cripto e da Stablecoin, mas sempre há uma saída.

Por quê a Terra - Luna não dê tokens para os detentores mais prejudicados, assim redistribuam os tokens Luna para os holders de Luna e UST usando os 6 trilhões criados. Talvez assim reequilibre o sistema e dimunua os prejuizo aos detentores iniciais.

Sucesso a todos.

how do you think it will keep the peg? since that doesn’t work?

Exactly now there is an APY of 70166.06% / year to rebalance the assets. Obviously applies to those who have staked it on the chain :slight_smile:

It will take longer to rise again, but at least now it seems to remain stable, and surely it is fair to reward the initial holders at least in part, as is the case in the common stock market, when share splits, previous holder will have more token but same value… i think from here to some months or a year, it can be done… yes, fixing all the things… algo has to been made manual and NOT automatic. Especially when it’s not pegged by real USD.


“The Terra chain as it currently exists should be forked into a new chain without algorithmic stablecoins called “Terra” (token Luna - $LUNA), and the old chain be called “Terra Classic” (token Luna Classic - $LUNC). Both chains will coexist.”

Realistically, what hope is there for Terra classic?

It’s broken, people have lost their life savings, why would anyone invest in it?

Will it not simply become a zombie blockchain?

Sir, this is a casino, behind a wendys dumpster.

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No future.gone with the lunav2 v3 v4…


I was right…Terra V2

The value of Luna2’s may be zero the next day. There is no longer any trust in the team and the CEO.

In my opinion, Terra had the best ecosystem of any L1 which is why it came under attack by TradFi. Never forget the attacker was KYCed by Binance and was allowed to use their platform to launch part of their attack.

Hopefully people are awake now and understand what crimes the evil criminals in TradFi will resort to in order to protect their global fiat pyramid scheme.

LUNA has a future so long as people remain vigilant; but if people pretend it was anything other than an attack by TradFi, then there is no future, not for Luna or any DeFi.