What makes Do K won and validators think community will buy into V2 when we all said no?

Serious question, the fork is being pushed and only reason is passing is the validators massive votes , 90% of community is against it. After it’s forced through and created the community is going to be sour af and v2 will fall flat on it’s face , it’s highly delusional to think it will have support with everyone so mad about it
. Half the people here (or more) think Do K won should be in jail and he’s here pushing a proposal 90% hate. Lol. V2 is failed before it is even launched


V2 will be ded on arrival

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He doesn’t care, he’s a multimillionaire already, and 3rd p0nzi incoming, it’s only better for him if it goes well

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He knows it too hence he introduced vesting period to prevent mass d u m p…lol. I’m ready to throw away my V2 coins to the bin if the ORIGINAL Luna is not worked on. Imagine which new investor will buy and hodl V2 coins after they duped V1 community.


Всё указывает на то, что токены Luna были проданы чтоб уничтожить сообщество. Почему никто не задаёт вопрос где деньги от продаж токенов Luna ?