What time was the update?

Interested to know what time the update was supposed to be, and in what timezone? i’m in the UK and still waiting it’s nearly 1am

is the team alive ?

There is no update coming yet… No Terra Team has mentioned it. Beware of fan pages in twitter acting as Terra team and promising updates.

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exactly… probably all on a plane somewhere


this is now getting beyond a joke

Yes, I am not liking this for every minute that passes by with silence.

Clearly there is no BTC in the reserves.

to me communication and transparency are key, this is not the case here - another ‘mark’ on crypto but not the end - book index is growing


They started burn PooCoin BSC Charts

that is not it. people been thinking that was the tracker but that is not it.

So what is that?

burns to the wormhole bridge…

:man_facepalming: now i’m more annoyed

I hope Do isn’t.

Thanks for clarifying

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no problem, did not know better myself a few hours ago but someone else in the community helped me understand

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