What to do about the losses?

i know its extremely risky trading crypto i knew that but i lost 100k of my savings i know its not much for some of the pll here some lost milions but i am an minimun wage worker for me those 100k were someting i ask every one to push back this coin to greatness again i am amost broke will the coin still be delisted from binance?
Sorry for the complain i know the terra group is doing everyting

Lol, you have rights to worry and complain. 100K is not is not less. I thought of committing suicide due to I lost $5K. I live in Turkey and $5k is super high due to hyper-inflation here. I am also university student and I don’t have any income. $5k was my 4 years save. Now it is gone. But as i got it, terra group willl fork Luna and will distribute some calculated new luna coins according to buy price.

i live in portugal minimun wage here is about 650 euros already with the tax cuts
do you know how much i had to save and hold my belt to save that much i know the pain of a student i already did that but i work and i also take care of my mother just tinking i wont be able to give some rest to my mother gives me bad thoughts