What's the latest on the LFG UST compensation?

No updates since mid May. When do you plan to do this?




I’ve been very curious about this as well. It’s very strange to have absolutely no further mention of this for 18+ days. Doesn’t inspire confidence in the team running Terra 2.0


Hope they’re not going to come with some announcement they’ve changed their mind.

We need to see this is carried out as promised sooner than later.

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Other than the UST holdings, they still have 60+ Million USD of assets. For example, they could compensate 12,000 people with small wallet having 5k UST or below.

+1. It seems like they want to not mention it again and hope people will forget and get satisfied with the tiny amount of new luna they got.

Let’s hope not. Both LFG and Do Kwon mentioned this is the plan so let’s make sure they follow through.

They can also invite big VCs that cashed out at a top to contribute to this fund. No harm in doing so and they can’t redeem themselves a bit and polish their public image. They’ve made ton of profits buying at cents and dumpd on retail right before the collapse

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Can we get a reply from someone from the team?