When we can we withdraw Luna from exchanges?

Hi! Anyone knows when we can withdraw Luna from exchanges like KuCoin, Binance or Crypto.com?
Anyone from Terra From Labs is in contact with these exchanges to support them to fix their issues?


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I imagine it will be within the next week before native support is back online across exchanges that support it. They just need to update their libraries per the published documentation. They probably have a whole process to go through before updating software, including code reviews of third party libraries. ETC


Monday i think

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As far as Crypto.com is concerned, it advised on Twitter “until further notice”.

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Hi, currently you can do it on Kucoin. I sent as a test 0.5 Luna from Terra Station to my new terra wallet address on Kucoin and everything worked.
You can exchange it only with USDC and/or USDT

@xandreasx I think he wants to withdraw luna; not exchange it for USDC. I have some luna there and want to know when I can withdrawal it. Will it happen in the next week? Kucoin has prices pretty low for Luna; which can create an arbitrage opportuntiy.