When will the nightmare end?

why does God Dokwon not answer ? why we have no update ? it’s hard to live what we’re going through, I want to kill myself

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As soon as someone takes care of the problem. That is completely open ended, but use your imagination.

Because his expensive lawyers told him to not say a thing. He could be brave and start bringing more confidence to the market with some communication, but he prefers to be selfish and leave everybody suffering


It’s going to take a while, it’s one of the greatest collapses of crypto. Lots of people are in the same boat, try to detach from all this mess for a while, let the dust settle, go for a walk, it helps to alleviate a bit. I’m sure we’ll get a clear response when it has all been assessed.

I’m afraid of never receiving anything concerning lunav2, my luna were in distaking during the attack, during the snapshot the $luna in distaking are not taken into account

at first u should accept the loss u did trade with your own will, Trust him and give his team sometime,
I hope that u can restore what u have lost

That is exactly what someone in a cult would say.

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Luna is gone, maybe still some hope for UST