Where do we leave our coins UST and Luna for the snapshot?

I have my pre-depeg UST coins in a private Atomic wallet just sitting there.
Are we supposed to leave them where they are for the snapshot ? or do we put them on an exchange ? let us know please.

Does this include
Private wallet holders ?
Wrapped luna ?
holders on exchanges ?
Anchor holders ?

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From this proposal


I think that taking UST on chain is the best thing to do

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When you say on chain, what do you mean ? I have my UST in a wallet that supports UST with an address, that address would be on chain would it not ? or should it be in a Terra station wallet ?


If I have on binance on terra network.

Will that be fine for snapshot?

If you have a terra address that is under your controll and a non custodial wallet it should be ok.

For Binance it depends if they are going to support the airdrop.

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