Whitelabel Version?

Hey guys, I’m very interested in Terra and in the solutions for the real world it brings. I live in Ecuador and I think this could be a game-changer for our economy and banking system because only 3 banks hold more than 75% of the money from our economy.

I’d love to start learning and, maybe, developing an app, but I’m not sure how long is it going to take and if I’ll be able to pull it off… So, I was wondering if there’s a kind of “White Label” version of Kash or any other similar service that I can use so I can promote here in my country.


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Would love on for Europa aswell TBH

This is a good idea. I was thinking of making one for Colombia

It would be nice if there were white label versions for easy launch and management. Then we could see different apps focus on different stablecoins. Seems like white labeling could be a good revenue flow for apps like Kash.