Who Owns the Official Terra Classic Twitter Account?

So this is the current official Terra Classic Twitter account:
One tweet only, and it was about LUNA 2.0.

Radio silence as always.
No update. No announcement on community events.
Meanwhile, we have had 3 major LUNC proposals passed / work in progress with overwhelming community support.

# Tax/Burn 1.2% all transactions
# Distribute 50% Transaction Fees to the Community Pool + Increase Proposer/Validator Rewards
# Re-enable Staking/Delegation to Existing Active Validator Set Only

In contrast, on the copy cat 2.0 official Twitter account, update on its governance proposal was posted right away.

What is going on with Terra?

Like many have said on this forum already. If Do Kwon’s team is not interested in the reviving of LUNC. Be honest and give up all official resources related to LUNC. Don’t stand in the way while you feed on the brand recognition what was BUILD on Terra Classic. What is going on right now is extremely irresponsible.


Absolutely agree that is crazy. They need to leave the keys on Classic if they do not want to build anymore there.


He just fills his own pocket. They have no other purpose…

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Totally agree, the silence is deafening, and if terra has a moral compass it would be embarrased not to support us.

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They gave you compensation and made it clear that the future belongs to the moon 2 … It doesn’t reach you that the moon 2 was created, because the old one will not be repaired???

Compensation of what? The LUNA V2 air drops you mean?
Nobody gets to create money out of thin air. Not even the Fed. There will always be consequences when you try to game the system. Those new V2 tokens were just investor equity liquidated off LUNC. Just like fiat inflation in the real world, it was taxation without representation. Did DK pay even 1 penny out of his own pocket for “compensation”? Obviously NO. Then where did the money come from?
So pretty much what DK did was, he pulled money out of your left pocket (against your will), lost some of that in the process (smart investors fleeing); and then proceed to tell you the “compensation” has been delivered by putting some of that money into your right pocket (V2 air drops).
You would be seriously delusional to think that this is going to compensate any average investor (the small guys) in the long run. It was a financial magic trick aka diversion tactic in the midst of chaos. Quite clever I must admit. It got carried out successfully when most investors were desperate for answers and would literally held on to any solution given to them for dear life. I don’t blame them. But just like any magic trick it was not real. It won’t last, not very long.

I have no problem DK giving up on LUNC. In fact I believe him leaving the project was the greatest thing that happened to LUNC. Now LUNC is actually being supported and repaired by the community. People came together and work tirelessly to prepare and execute those proposals mentioned. In a truly decentralized fashion.
All I want from DK and his minions is transparency. If they have no plan to revive LUNC, then it is a very obvious conflict of interest for them to hold any access to LUNC assets and resources. It is hypocritical and unethical at the very least.

Also it is very important to point out that, the future doesn’t belong to the moon 2. DK’s future belongs to the moon 2. There is the clear distinction one must be aware when talking about Terra Luna. There is no going back for DK. But not us investors. We no have reason to be held hostage by DK’s personal decisions. In the long run, people always vote with their feet. LUNC will prove itself to be a much viable project without DK’s meddling.