Why are proposals not getting whitelisted?

Why are being proposals not being whitelisted even there are pull requests ?

Why you keep deleting that question ?

What is your proposal and have you had a discussion here for it first?

yes there was a discussion here and it has its pullr equest 2019

Deposit 50 Luna in Terra station to write proposals, and write proposal to get vote with the link, that will be more easier to get whitelist.

already did nearly 3 days ago including pull request on their github like they requestet

Can you link the discussion? Then I can pass it on to devs to look at the pull request.

Let’s see how it goes Terra Station

old discussion thread has been deleted on my request to a mod because otherwise my final proposal thread had been always been deleted as duplicate

Please whitelist Proposal 2069 - Luna Classic Easy Rescue Plan

End TerraClassicUSD USTC and convert all remaining holdings into Luna. Thereafter implement a 3% Transactional Burn rate on all Terra Classic LUNC transactions until Max Supply is reduced to 10 Billion Luna Reactivate Staking System and exclude from transactional burn

Thank you kindly!