Why classics name is " LUNC "?

why Terra classic is named "LUNC ".

There was no uglier name to find ?

just speak it out, you will feel how stoopid it sounds.

Please chane name to Luna"something"

We suggested “indipendant Luna” ILUNA but nobody listened.

Lets Vote for a Name CHANGE cmon people.

what is lunc, they want our coin to diee ?

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the C stands for “Crap”, that more or less is the ultimate nature of all the coins in the crypto-world, but this ecosystem is complex so you could forget you are investing on toxic titles backed on nothing so the almighty Do Kwon put a C on luna, so you will remember you are buying his crap and next time you will lose money for his idiocy/malice (choose the option you like,it makes no difference) you are less prone to go snivel

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