Why fork?a man buy 10000luna at 30usd have same airdrop with man buy 10000luna at 0.0000001usd?

so who use usf mint to luna and sell to the market get the biggest benefit???
the holder buy the luna at the high price and have little number, the man mint usf have big amount luna at the slump,he sell to the market , and still get the biggest airdrop???

This is the crypto market. A bitcoin bought for $1 is no different from a bitcoin bought for $62,000)
No one prevented the first from averaging its position in the fall, thereby supporting the sinking ship.
If he didn’t, he helped him drown.

Of course those who bought after the reboot and the revival plan would not have to get on board.
But it’s hard to rule them out. Therefore, in spite of this, it is necessary to adhere to a certain vector.

If it’s just a fork, both the new LUNA and the old LUNA will become garbage, what’s the use of a coin that has lost everyone’s credibility?


Why not?