Why snapshots based compensations are not fair

I have seen so many people trying to find ways of taking snapshots to benefit themselves. But the truth is for every buyer there is a seller and vice versa

  1. everyone UST bought post depeg comes from some UST holder pre depeg.

  2. everyone who bought Luna post depeg comes from either Luna holder pre depeg or UST holder pre depeg (where the UST is used to mint Luna)

  3. So, snapshot based compensation is not only against rules of the market, it is also rewarding sellers at the expense of buyers on a net basis.

  4. If we want to try compensate people based on snapshots, then all transactions post snapshot should be considered void and reversed, which is not possible.


smart post, I hope that the team considers this.

This is not a problem of snapshots, it is DK trying to avoid responsibility by forking, and he can earn new benefits by forking.
When V2 fails, you can create V3.V4.V5 or even more versions. Anyway, just move your finger and C+V copy and paste.
He can get rid of victims with new coins, get additional new coins through new airdrops, sell them, and get out of the scam.

Just as impossible as incineration to the required emission.

According to this, “the dog barks - the caravan moves on.”
The development team are not stupid people… and they must have been tired of the same offers of greedy hamsters crying about their money.

Someone lost millions, but it was 1% of his deposit…
I lost 10% and that’s just to support the system during the collapse. But I don’t cry and I believe that I did a good deed, and the problem can be solved without the stupid advice of those who at that time watched their ship sink, or made new holes in it.

I highly doubt this, luna and ust were n1 trending on coinmarketcap for days attracting new buyers, all the binance/cz twitter posts also have attracted new buyers. I think its probably 50/50 old/new buyers.