Why use the assets of the old UST/LUNA to make a new LUNA?

Why use assets from old UST/LUNA to make new LUNA?
The old compensation or recovery of UST=1USD is what you should do, new LUNA, please do things with your own money! !
UST holders, no one is willing to participate in high-risk projects, and no one wants your LUNA2, LUNA3, LUNA4! ! !

you have until may 27th to accumulate

shut up

Your clearly a half wit

US funds will be frozen. Him and the validators are going to jail for a “word unauthorized” scheme and fraud. Already under investigation. Gemini under investigation by FBI for taking part in this. Winklevoss twins crooked. They took the BTC. Tear it all down.

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Of course I’m asking, before the attack until now, the UST in the Anchor