Why would they drop the chain

You are so pitiful, you are still working hard for an abandoned chain, did you not see that the network became very congested on the day the TERRA network was attacked, because too many LUNC tokens were generated, this is the reason why they abandoned this chain , otherwise they can completely airdrop a coin as compensation, and then continue to develop the chain. Algorithmic stablecoins are the core. Without algorithmic stablecoins, this chain is not as good as a fortress. However, now this chain is not suitable for algorithmic stablecoins.

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give something more detailed. your idea may be correct and if it is not, it may be the basis for another one. no characterizations or aggression are needed

Telling them to leave is the best rescue for them

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@btc You are trying to rescue investors right? You see another 0,5 T of LUNC to get in circulation soon. But 0,5 T of LUNC to get in circulation that has low price simply doesn´t matter. What matters is massive burning of USTC. And now it depends on what will happen faster. Another massive burn of USTC or 0,5 T of LUNC getting to circulation. At this moment NOBODY can tell it will make price raise or push down.
Why? It´s simple. Swaps… After repeg USTC you can burn EXTREME fast LUNC by swaping it to USTC. Then buy it and swaps again, again… Do you still think it is SO bad idea to invest there? I don´t

@tolben They should be called victims, not investors. Burn? Currently none of the coins can burn 5% of the total through transactions, they are all burned manually.

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@btc Thanks for your try. But it´s not needed. If you don´t want to be possitive about project you should sell and leave. Eventually send all here terra1wgw05m4vvpn599689z8rmvrp5zpuxlue84z9g9 :heart_eyes:

Let him be here. We want him to share his opinions with the others.In the future maybe he will have a good idea.@btc you are welcome

@tolben @veronisgeo89 I only buy BTC.

@btc To be honest, i am as negative to BTC as you to LUNC and USTC. And don´t tell me it´s too big to fall, about decentralization etc. We will see soon.


I think is obvious.Dont buy lunc, i said you are welcome to trade your opinions and ideas with the others. Do whatever you want my friend, but something bring you here,maybe you have an interest about lunc. Maybe you are a holder and you are desperate about the situation that nothing will change. Maybe you are here to troll us for our faith to lunc. Please dont be toxic, be polite, be water.

Maybe btc has 80,000 Bitcoin That’s not his.

Hi tolnen.been following all this for a while now. I have some wrapped lunc just sitting in coinbase. I am a complete amauteur but from what you are saying its worth just sitting on them for a while yet. Maybe be worth something again one day maybe?
Thanks simon

soon start 1.2% Tax Burning maximum 30 days Rate will bi 1$ above

I’m sorry but 1.2% tax burning would not start… there is no one executing this proposal.
proposal is just proposal…nothing changed…

very bad

The burn will happen stop spreading false info.

Great Dear

@vardner_vard Hello, there is a chance to get something. First CEX has already implemented 1,2 % tax and its popular so it will bull price. When you reach profit you can sell and be happy. Nobody can say how much it will cost. It is up to you.

Watch this video,I consider him trustworthy, watch it carefully and you will understand that there was a problem for the delay.

@vardner_vard To be honest… my prediction is here: