Wil Anchor stakers [aUST] holders get the airdrop?

Ive been looking around but I cant seem to find the answer to this question maybe some of you guys have some helpfull insights…
If so feel free to share.


I’m asking the same question since day 1 of speaking about a revival plan.

I paste what i posted on ANCHOR forum yesterday:
“As we are all watching the different scenarios for UST & LUNA holders, ANC holders are left out.
Without us holding ANC tokens, the protocol wouldn’t have any market cap.
Several plans of recovery / bail out / reimbursment are being discussed on agora.terra to help people who lost money recover their losses.
I’m not a specialist nor an expert, i’m only a descend retail investor. I suggest that ANC holders create a proposal to lock the yield reserve money (175M as of today) and distribute them on ANC holders who lost money during this crash.
What do you think? Any action plan to move forward?”

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I think using the (175M as of today) to help recover some of the loss of the people who had/have their ust on anchor is a great Idea I personally dont have enough knowledge to come up with a plan of action but I do think we should try to see if more people are intrested in this idea.

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It’s about Anchor token holders.

ust holder that stake in binance still count as aUST??