Will Terra rise again?

Do u think new blockchain is being built to coverup the money laundering done with Terra Luna original project?
People wants to know where are those 80K bitcoins?

Short answer no, it won’t rise again.

Long answer: I don’t think DK embezzled the 80K bitcoins completely. It’s highly possible that he bailed out his VC partners though, and according to the Ethereum Classic fork guy (Dakan?), it seems a bit suspicious that there were no large BTC deals on that very day so law enforcement will have to look into what happened to the BTC. It will come out, however, because he faces criminal charges in SK.

That said the new blockchain isn’t necessarily about embezzlement or anything. I believe it’s to save the developers. The old Luna don’t hold value so his old developer friends can’t develop anymore.

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I believe whomever is responsible for this mess has already money waiting to buy in the new Luna and than play bad whale again.

Think about it, where did all that cash that people lost go? Exactly someone who had big bags has now bigger bags and is waiting.

So new Terra goes on and you’ll see a massive pump and those who lost whill prolly sell some, once that storm has settled things normalize…

Just sad that some folks can’t get their bags full enough, having money for 1000 generations and its still not enough while others (me not included just a tech nerd) lost their life savings.