Will the new fork have a stable coin too?

I am trying to understand how the new forked chain will work. Will it include only a coin (the new LUNA) which will be able to fluctuate in price, according to the request and demand? No stable coin at all (not even a backed one)?

That’s a very good question. So far team signaled there won’t be one on the new chain, not right away anyways but not clear if they have any sort of plan in place for UST on the Luna Classic chain.

No stablecoin. That means Do Kwon will need to change his twitter from stablekwon to notstablekwon lol.

UST will still exist and connected to the Luna Classic coin.

Without development they will slowly wind down to zero.

Then what’s the point of forking if they could have just simply burn some LUNA on the current blockchain (and leave UST to its faith)?

Note: I’d like to understand what to do with my UST after the airdrop, not now