Win a prize by destroying Luna

I have an idea that the translation may not be too accurate

We can set up a reward to promote the destruction of Luna

For example, set up a management organization to manage the pre destroyed Luna coins

When we send 1 billion Lunas to an address, we will obtain the investment qualification according to the number and proportion sent, and give 100 million to the lucky one.

If this plan can be implemented, Luna will be destroyed in large quantities soon

I look forward to someone putting this idea forward


Yes, so like a lottery? There was a project on Zilliqa called Zillionaire that took people’s Zilliqa and ran a lottery like that. It was a good concept but the devs ran away with people’s money after a few rounds lol. It could be good if someone who is doxxed runs such a project, they can even keep a small fee for developing something like that.

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