Wluna airdrop

Hi guys, I have WLUNA on Coinbase Do Kwon and co please can you tell us if we will be part of the AirDrop?

I’m getting really annoyed with the lack of information out there

I gather Coinbase ventures are an investor in Terraform Labs

No one is answering and it’s getting really annoying because my WLUNA is worth very little from the price I bought it from c$66

I really don’t want to initiate legal action but if I have to, I will…

So please answer the question

How will WLUNA tokens be treated my first entry was 7th of May and DCA to 0.29 in my wallet from over $130k

Obviously I’m not DK, but DK did say in his proposal,

So there is no reason to believe you’re not included. As crypto people always say, though, it’s a good idea to keep your crypto in non-custodial wallets.

I am in the same boat. Coinbase has been super unhelpful and I can’t get any info anywhere. Coinbase customer service doesn’t seam to know what an airdrop is. She suggested I transfer it to a wallet but then I would lose the validating time stamp to show that it is pre-crash. Have you learned anything new?

Sadly no
I’m going to write to SEC, it’s bad enough being shafted by what happened.

At least Do Kwon tried to help undo some of the mess by airdropping but what Coinbase has done is inexcusable

The silence
The lack of accountability
Coinbase ventures are investors in this project so they are culpable as much as TFL and Do Kwon and team

They had every opportunity to help the investors

I have 11.4 million WLUNAs sitting on Coinbase

Hopefully Do Kwon will tie it to the new Luna so we can get something back from this disaster

Neither did we get any airdrops or compensation

I’m waiting to see what happens

If 54,000 WLUNA wallet holders decide to take class action against Coinbase or TFL then it will get messy for them all.


I’ve got 10 million WLUNA in coinbase that I paid 10eth for post-attack. We are no less deserving of an airdrop than luna holders who bought years ago and were sitting on gains.

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Do Kwon i hope you can negotiate a package for us $WLUNA holders, I am sure Coinbase have all the data you need to know what and when our transactions were made.

The silence from Coinbase has been shocking…

They have lost me as a customer once the WLUNA story is complete…

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