0,2% Burn fee

Lunc doesn’t make sense without ustc, so we should definitely take care of the re-peg. Here ist my Proposal:

Keep minting disable until re-peg of Ustc.

Take 0,2% from the burning Tax of 1,2% for:
• 0.1% buy back of Ustc and burn
• 0.1% buy Bitcoin to restore the reserve

After Re-peg enable minting with the following rule:
• If the Peg reserve is at 30% stop minting
• use 0.1% to burn lunc and 0.1% for the Bitcoin
reserve also after the supply of (unlimited burn and fill Up the

If you like my proposal, please share and deposit lunc for the voting.

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I agree with the idea of using the current burn tax or a 0.3% increase to buy out USTC and gradually build up reserves to maintain stability.
I would just avoid buying BTC for now and instead buy something more stable like gold

Thanks, I suggest we lowwer it to zero.