500 LUNA = 1 MUN (new coin) only possible recovery to UST

**First priority should be to save Terra
Only solution is to gain the public interest and trust again. If Terra have reserve issues.
First of all disable Terra network for transactions and email all exchanges to suspend the UST trading untill Terra stabilize its reserves equal to UST or they can have trading using their existing UST and Luna assets in exchanges wallet and then terra will inform all to reopen it, apply for loan from bank (will decide at the end either to take loan or not ) and make that loan application public and send to exchanges to get the trust and interest, also tell them that you will end luna and launch new coin.
Create new coin for example $MUN and create a swap for new coin equivalent to 500 luna people will swap luna for new coin as they have no other option so make a swap fee 1 UST for each swap. People can also swap UST to MUN.
You will get most of the UST by doing this which you can burn. Give a public notice for swap last date with in one week.
Meanwhile open a staking for UST you will get more UST to burn by this, aslo staking for new coin MUN.

Once this is done will decide the price of new coin equivalent to UST for example 1 UST = 0.0001 $MUN by analysing the current volume of the UST at that point people trust on terra we can get more investments on this If we still have less reserves then UST volume then we can sale some of the terra shares or get a small loan at that point this can be change based on the situation.
Once new coin $MUN launch people buy that coin its value get heigh 50% in first week. People start to buy new coin as it could be next luna we will get more UST at that point to burn.
*We will use the same algo for new coin price.

Your mission should be to save the Terra as if Terra stays will get success gradually but if Terra end then no chance to come back and get people interests.

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In marketing a hard fork where the 7T Luna supply is “rebranded” Luna classic, and Luna becomes governance token forked prior to downspiral, then airdropping is always better than a forced conversion. But LunaClassic USTClassic renaming is the same as forced conversion. I like airdrops for Classic holders.