A Call for Software Developers

Jobs @ Terra Classic

As our community pool increases ~ so does our attractiveness to coders…

I encourage all promoters of Terra Classic to spread the words of our growing wealth and our need for great coders. Perhaps the community should also run (paid) advertisements in popular software development magazines… also, we need to establish a point of contact for those coders who are interested ~ a place easy to access and everyone can see… we can then move the best coders we find here to Agora to speak more about pay, designs, and timelines…

Now, we are reliant on one group and that group (Terra Rebels) wants to build an unnecessary app for an outrageous cost (the Rebel Wallet).

DK froze Classic to stop further destruction of it. The TR turned the critical parts back on. Next, we need people who can do what others cannot.

Some additional thoughts on the future of TC:

The voting limitation act is better designed later in the thread ~ with help from other community members.

I don’t know why you blame TR. No one is willing to do the simple thing of delivering food to you unless you pay. But they’ve been working without pay for six months. What they have done over the past six months should be respected. Money problems always cause many problems. If they were a development team with ample capital, they wouldn’t charge the community. It’s not their fault that they lack funding. We need to evaluate their intentions properly instead of just criticizing them. They have yet to disclose a clear statement about the use of funds. If they attempt to do any manipulation to make inappropriate gains, the community will reject them. But not yet.

After evaluating the TR’s activities ~ their inability to provide the necessary details required to justify receiving the large sums of community cash is why I criticize them… When will you see that?

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This problem cannot be viewed in terms of simple development costs. We have to look at it as an approach to independence and subordination.

States that belong to colonies continue to be supported by occupied states unless they become independent. If you want that, you can continue to live as a colonial citizen.

The reason why there is so much community approval at all costs shows that people no longer want to be subservient to the TFL.
The cost of the action is tolerable.Of course, TR will have to provide a reasonable receipt for the migration cost.

But after independence, if there is a problem with TR’s development style and community pool operations, the community will kick them out. It is decided by a community proposal.

Of course, the ideal is for TR and TerraCVita to work together. But I don’t think it’s going to be easy now.

Another option is that investors can move from LUNC to LUNA at any time. It’s their choice.

Meet the new boss(TR), same as the old boss(TFL)…

The blockchain was invented to stop scammers and protect individual privacy ~ don’t think those scammers are not fighting back!

If this community wants to be extraordinarily ~ it must stick to the blockchain core ideology. The mass of People in and on this planet want security and privacy and decentralization and cryptography give them that!



I also don’t trust some member of TR. Vegas blocked me on Twitter. :rofl:But if the majority of the community wants it, we have to accept it.

Anyone can point out other people’s behavior. But it’s a different matter to suggest a solution and put it into action. It’s the same as people blame the national team players’ performance at the World Cup. But are their soccer skills better than theirs? Probably not.

If there is a problem with TR’s direction of development, not personality, you can expose it. Or someone can provide a road map that is much more ideal than TR. Bring specific plans with a great development team, so the community will support you.

Otherwise, people’s trust in their efforts over the past 6 months will not be destroyed at once.