Actual staking fee is: fee + tax?

When I try to stake, about 1,2% of LUNC disappear.

Balance 850.102041 LUNC
Ammount to stake 833.930505 LUNC

Tax 0 LUNC
Fee 6.16437 LUNC
Balance after tx 0 LUNC

Q: Where goes 10,007166 LUNC? It’s exactly 1,2%.
Terra Finder shows Transaction fee 16.171536 Lunc wchich is exactly Fee + tax. So what the hell is going on? Staking were not to be taxed.

Steps To Reproduce Issue
Try to stake

Expected Result
Only fee is taken

Actual Result
Actual fee is fee + tax

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

Yes, this is exactly what happens.When delegating from us, they take the commission 1.2%

Already said in finder problem. Stake problem will be solved by proposal 4940. Delegation should not take tax.

I don’t mind that tax is charged on stake, It’s good for burn speed up, but according what @ek826 wrote at Proposal for the 1.2% Tax Parameter Change

Delegate to validator: not taxed
Undelegate from validator: not taxed
Withdraw rewards from validator: not taxed

So question is - will we get refund or what? I do not see anyting about this issue at 4940 proposal.

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@premiero Fixed in “version”: “3.1.2” hold on for update. Extension should be updated tomorrow. Station website was fixed yesterday.

Finder will be fixed after this updates that are needed for it to be done, update for this issue will be posted in my threat.

The problem was not at the server side, but at station web and station extension that forced you to pay more fees that was actually NOT requested by server. This is why this problem was fixed by patching station and station extension. To be done at mobile station too soon.
Note, updates for mobile extension takes more time to reach google play (checked by myself, others may have different experience) At this time station does not support IOS.
@alagiz Close please.