Add LUNA and UST to CoinPayments and other wallets

Hi, people!

Following this tweet from CoinPayments, we need someone from TFL to submit an application to add LUNA and UST!

CoinPayments has over 100K vendors across 200+ countries and over 1.5 Mil visits monthly!

Can someone make a submit application for this?

Thank you!

To increase LUNA and UST adoption we need them on these wallets:
How can we make this integrations to happen?
Thank you

Lumi Wallet Listed Cryptocurrencies (no LUNA integration)
Ramp( UST-non supported) (UST-not supported)

Osmosis will become the main DEX where UST have a change to become the dominant stable-coin across Cosmos ecosystem.

We need full support and integration for LUNA and UST on Keplr wallet.

Can someone from TFL do something?

Thank you