Airdrop for non-native network (Solana)

Before the UST crash, I kept some of my UST in pools on the Solana network, namely:


Today I withdrew all my UST from these pools and transferred it to the native Terra network to my address in terra station. Thus, if I understood correctly, I ensured that I would be included in the snapshot until May 27th.

But what should I do to get into the snapshot that was taken on 2022.05.07? My UST was in these pools long before the attack.

You can’t do anything about the previous snapshot. More details will come out in coming days about airdrop eligibility - I do not yet have the information to answer this question.

I understand, thanks for the answer. Can I mention you in this thread when new information appears if I can’t figure it out on my own?

sure :slight_smile:

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We do not have details of the UST compensation yet.

No, this compensation is not part of the 27th snapshot.

any news about airdrop for ust wormhole on solana?

No info yet.

any news?

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Nope, it will take more time.