Allow certain validators wallets to be whitelisted on request?

I’m hoping I’m not treading on any toes here :slightly_smiling_face:

I hoping to get a proposal together to allow validators to request certain wallets (proved and used for validation) for whitelist.

I see lots of focus on burn tax increase which I support and lots of support for the whitelist of Dapps.

I think we need to protect the validators before we lose any more and as stated in a HCC video they are being taxed multiple times and sometimes for the smaller validators working at a loss.

This doesn’t sound too bad as they could just “increase commission” but the already smaller validators would then price themselves out of the market sending some into liquidation.

Most people will agree the tax is for us moving coins around and taking money.

Prop. Allow all Validators the ability to whitelist the wallet used in the maintenance of the node.

Each request must feature a wallet address with easily proved transactions that show a certain wallet is used for the specific node.

Once the community is happy a prop can be put up and voted on.

As the validators vote it will encourage fair play and checking as a no vote which is unjust can be reciprocated from nodes not playing fair.

Hopefully this can be worked in a way where only the validators wallet and not anyone else interacting with them is free of the tax.

Mostly the people moving, changing, staking and hopefully profiting should be paying the tax…as well as any CEXs not supporting the burns growth.

Even if this idea is rubbish and you all hate it. Hopefully dfunk, JiL or one of the other members can tidy it up and make it more workable.

I think we need to support the nodes if higher and higher taxes are on the horizon.

The idea has merit. Validators are integral to the chain.
Needs more looking into.

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Thank you very much tonu. I appreciate it.

I’m not as clued up as most of you so maybe someone can refine the idea. In a nutshell I’m trying to protect validators and supporting CEXs etc while traders and holders pay toward the burns, which will benefit them in time.